Exclusive Interview: Bronze Nazareth/Willie The Kid Talk “The Living Daylights”



Exclusive Interview: Willie The Kid & Bronze Nazareth Talk The Living Daylights via The


Bronze Nazareth & Willie The Kid “The Living Daylights” is available now!

The Living Daylights Back


Willie The Kid and Bronze Nazareth have collaborated on a musical effort of grandiose proportions. Appropriately entitled ‘The Living Daylights’ the LP is a 13-track venture containing the earthy and whimsical sound of Bronze Nazareth’s production and the colorfully complex wizardry of Willie The Kid’s literary prose. The collaboration is long over due as both Willie and Bronze are natives of Grand Rapids, MI. The two finally match wits on a musical landscape which blends the new age, boom-bap sample driven production from Bronze Nazareth’s legendary Wu-Tang Clan infused sound; with the vibrant and refreshingly intricate disposition of Willie the kid’s bristly rhymes.



Vancouver, BC Interview

Check out an Exclusive Interview with Bronze Nazareth in Vancouver, BC during the Bronze Nazareth M.O.P. tour. by Tha Archivest


Bronze Nazareth ‘Blenders’ New Video!

Man Bites Dog Records is proud to present the new music video “Blenders” from legendary producer/emcee Bronze Nazareth. This video has been artfully crafted from Jeremy Williams and Brian Buggs. Blenders is produced by Bronze Nazareth for his upcoming album “Thought for Food 3”.  The album will be available from Man Bites Dog Records in Early Fall 2013. Go to to pre order the album & buy the official “Blenders” T shirt!

Bronze Nazareth ‘Blenders’ Official Video


Bronze Nazareth hits the road with M.O.P.

Ante Up Canada! Red Dragon Apparel & King Down Agency Present

Thursday, May 23 – Toronto, ON @ Virgin Mobile Mod Club

Friday, May 24 – Hamilton , ON @ Club Absinthe

Saturday, May 25 – Kingston, ON @ The Mansion

Sunday, May 26 – Ottawa, ON @ Ritual Nightclub

Monday, May 27 – Montreal, PQ @ Cabaret Underworld

Tuesday, June 4 – Calgary, AB @ Dickens Pub

Wednesday, June 5 – Saskatoon, SK @ Amigos

Thursday, June 6 – Edmonton, AB @ Starlite Room

Friday, June 7 – Castlegar, BC @ Element Nightclub

Saturday, June 8 – Kelowna, BC @ Sapphire Lounge

Sunday, June 9 – Vancouver, BC @ The Venue


‘Hanging On’ Blog by Justin JMillz Milhouse for

Blog by Justin “JMillz” Milhouse

EXCERPT: As member of the Wu-Tang Clan and part of the hip-hop group Wisemen; Bronze has produced countless tracks for the Clan and heavily contributed his production on “Wu-Tang Meets The Indie Culture.” About a month ago I shot a video for Bronze Nazareth’s “Hanging On” track which will be featured on his third installment for the “Thought For Food” mixtape series. We had a great time shooting in Detroit’s historic Whittier building.

Visit for more from Director/Artist Justin Milhouse.


Bronze Nazareth Featured on

Bronze Nazareth Q&A on by Mr. Joe Walker

EXCERPT: Critically-adored as a producer and recording artist, Nazareth is literally a stand-up guy; for this exclusive interview the Wisemen member and Wu-Tang affiliate stood the entire time, leaning casually against a plain white wall while never breaking eye contact. “I see the big picture better than I ever have,” says the Grand Rapids, MI native, born Justin Cross. “I’m ready for everything.”


Phillie “Welcome To The Detroit Zoo” Out Now!

Phillie’s solo debut album “Welcome to the Detroit Zoo” is out now! Along with witty rhymes and clever wordplay, the album is also a full serving of Bronze Nazareth production. The emotionally driven soundscapes only enhance Phillie’s rhymes. You can listen to this album two different ways, zone out on the music alone, or sink your mind into the lyrics and travel with Phillie to the destinations he provides.

Phillie’s hunger gives “Welcome To The Detroit Zoo” a refreshingly honest feel and showcases Phillie’s life journey on Detroit’s infamous ‘Number Streets’. The album is a mix of street poetry, lyricism, life lessons, and pure entertainment. Phillie possesses a sense of humor and a refreshing perspective among the dreary backdrop of his hometown of Detroit.

“Welcome To The Detroit Zoo” is available everywhere!
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Official Video for the 1st single “Detroit’s Finest
Teaser for Phillie’s upcoming video “EscapeGoat
In Studio: PHILLIE (of The Wisemen) Part 1 Clips from “Welcome To The Detroit Zoo”
In Studio: PHILLIE (of the Wisemen) Part 2 Clips from “Welcome To The Detroit Zoo”
INTERVIEW: Prelude to “Welcome to the Detroit Zoo”


Check the Videos page!! Release updates!

New “Fire Implanters” video up now! As we near the end of a 12 month push for “School For The Blindman”, Bronze will be dropping the last couple videos from his stellar sophomore release in the next few days.

Next Bronze Nazareth will focus on finishing “Thought For Food 3”, and a third solo album, as yet untitled. Keep supporting!!

Also in the works are:

Phillie “Welcome to the Detroit Zoo”, in true Wu fashion (j/k) this album has been pushed back a couple times, but will ABSOLUTELY deliver a premium offering. Includes some of the most diverse, yet still cutting edge quality production from Bronze and some serious penwork by Phillie and his guests. Thanks to the fans for the patience! LATE SEPT / EARLY OCT

Salute Da Kidd “Diggstown” Wisemen creeper Salute Da Kidd builds his first offering on the back of his Detroit grounds, the Diggs Project Housing aka Diggstown. Heart wrenching life music boiling over with heat and hostility, this album is a look into the life and times of Salute Da Kidd. LATE NOVEMBER

following those, will Be Illah Dayz, and June Megalodon offerings.


New Sounds

So, we just released the official video for “Farewell”….Keep supporting and listening!
Projects that are Next Up:

Phillie “Welcome To The Detroit Zoo” fully produced by Bronze Nazareth
Bronze Nazareth’s “Thought For Food Volume 3”
Bronze Nazareth x Willie The Kid “The Living Daylights”

Be on the Lookout!!