New “Fire Implanters” video up now! As we near the end of a 12 month push for “School For The Blindman”, Bronze will be dropping the last couple videos from his stellar sophomore release in the next few days.

Next Bronze Nazareth will focus on finishing “Thought For Food 3”, and a third solo album, as yet untitled. Keep supporting!!

Also in the works are:

Phillie “Welcome to the Detroit Zoo”, in true Wu fashion (j/k) this album has been pushed back a couple times, but will ABSOLUTELY deliver a premium offering. Includes some of the most diverse, yet still cutting edge quality production from Bronze and some serious penwork by Phillie and his guests. Thanks to the fans for the patience! LATE SEPT / EARLY OCT

Salute Da Kidd “Diggstown” Wisemen creeper Salute Da Kidd builds his first offering on the back of his Detroit grounds, the Diggs Project Housing aka Diggstown. Heart wrenching life music boiling over with heat and hostility, this album is a look into the life and times of Salute Da Kidd. LATE NOVEMBER

following those, will Be Illah Dayz, and June Megalodon offerings.