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Exclusive Interview: Willie The Kid & Bronze Nazareth Talk The Living Daylights via The


Vancouver, BC Interview

Check out an Exclusive Interview with Bronze Nazareth in Vancouver, BC during the Bronze Nazareth M.O.P. tour. by Tha Archivest


Bronze Nazareth ‘Blenders’ New Video!

Man Bites Dog Records is proud to present the new music video “Blenders” from legendary producer/emcee Bronze Nazareth. This video has been artfully crafted from Jeremy Williams and Brian Buggs. Blenders is produced by Bronze Nazareth for his upcoming album “Thought for Food 3”.  The album will be available from Man Bites Dog Records in Early Fall 2013. Go to to pre order the album & buy the official “Blenders” T shirt!

Bronze Nazareth ‘Blenders’ Official Video


New Sounds

So, we just released the official video for “Farewell”….Keep supporting and listening!
Projects that are Next Up:

Phillie “Welcome To The Detroit Zoo” fully produced by Bronze Nazareth
Bronze Nazareth’s “Thought For Food Volume 3”
Bronze Nazareth x Willie The Kid “The Living Daylights”

Be on the Lookout!!



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