[Intro: 60 Second Assassin]
She faced the hardest time
You can imagine
As many times
Her eyes fall back to tears
Now, now

[Bronze Nazareth]
Yo, yo, yo
The setting is a smoke filled room
With 2 Rottweilers howling at the moon
38.’s on the table, less light than doom
Still, her smile white as opposite the groom
Steps right into the ashtray from the past day
Holding remains of 2nd hand decay
She stood up slow, like a triumphant rose
At school she studied Darfur, wondered what was worse
Felt bad rocking furs but comfortable near a hearse
What’s better? He met her while under lead vendetta
Main suspect he deaded two cops out in Redford
Ran back to the hood, poison lead preferred
Kept the kettle burning for the hot ones that echoed thru
Love at first feel of fast life stenciled too
One time she was on the scene, he sent her off to school
Hid his guns, his crimes, hid his ones, and his fives
Had her selling dimes, she faced the hardest time
You can imagine, with her thoughts fabric woven
Natural golden suntan, one day inside a smoke web
She met a dread; toward the righteous path they broke bread
Told him love was hot lead dodging, and FEDS watching
Rolling blocks, cutting rocks, to get opulent
He said only true niggas will advance
I’m becoming a Buddha, but for now I’m still man

[Scratched Hook]
Cappadonna – “I make love to you”
Killah Priest – “Not just into screwing you”
Killah Priest – “Can’t live without you”
Inspectah Deck – “You hate me or you love me?”
Nas – “I trust myself, I can’t fuck myself”
Inspectah Deck – “You hate me or you love me?”
Killah Priest – “Not just into screwing you”
Killah Priest – “Unusual, make love to you like a musical”

[C-Rayz Walz]
From baptized to banished
Her back side was Spanish
Her face was Irish
Her cream so vanished
She was Dorothy on a yellow brick, sunlight road
Good brain, good heart that’s what sun gets showed
But have mo fear cuz oh yeah
When sun gets old and one gets told
The story of an ole Dead Flower
Let her get next to him
That’s how she got power?
Heavy metal petals hold prophecies of Dead Flower
A wishing wells from hell?
Tears scorched ya face
The thoughts on tape would sound the same
If they were blank
Except where he wrote notes
Hole poked the whole flow
She gobbled and soul smoked
Undivine-men approached
First name Warren, her wound his food
A full moon ritual in a true dead garden tomb
Unholy mattress moaning
She was an actress posing
Flat on her back alas…without atlas holding
Skeleton love, she wiggled like gelatin does
No stooooping!!!
No telling me what what!?!
He’s on the run beating
See the bodyrock reaping
Rocked a gold anchor at the dock of his breathing
See! His main bitch the chicken of the cee
Dealt with fear, rich bankers! Masons & freaks
Love hurts
Ironically sex would gut burst
Blood flood from the Earth
An irreversible curse
28 days later; the ship’s to shore
He’s lunatic, sure!
Quick to makes babies & dick raw
Reveal the history & leave the Earth in ruins
Hurt by what he said
She forgot what he’s doing
Mums the word
But after this it’s a mummy wrap
That ass is grass cut
She thought he’d want the money back
She say word!!
But never heard sentences
That’s why he still smoke quotes where the incense is
And to his seeds – he prolly never mention this
Unless it just for emphasis on where the wisdom went
And the love – the grudge…tears, sweat & the blood
Dead Flower I ain’t digging you up

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