Introducin’, no style is convoluted
Heavy wisdom infused
Drop a jewel for the system
That birthed us
The ALMIGHTY spawned from the surface
Scratch off ’08, there’s no need for the surplus
My crew stay thick like the dorm room smoke off in your closet
Ignite ya mind stay plugged like the socket
Check, chop it, package up the topic
White rocks, on black tops, grey matter, to green backs (I’m paid)
Red Cross wouldn’t come to your aid
Whether ballads and serenades my verbal is hand grenades
Now catch it (catch it)
Peep the lecture of an emperor that has so much influence I could politic with Senators
Lobbyist and Governors committees of action
Sway ’em all to my side and start my own faction
For hip hop satisfaction you can count on me
An emcee presidential elite, elected

[C-Rayz Walz]
Cavity creep, run through your sweet with the heat
My oval office speech leave your cipher incomplete
PEACE! I pledge allegiance to invincible phlegm
And affected region with the Original S.I.N.
Mind ditect the season,
I’m an individual without visual skills
Still critical, Kill build, eyes red
Digging ritual Reels
The blues chill with rhythm moves filling the Bill
When I project the verse I splash a curse;
It’s still visual krill’s
Oxymoron, living deadhead, forbidden visions said
These are the plagues of the last days
Page getting read
Shot’s coming from the place they lead it
Pop for nothing
Stop the fronting, cops is running
Glocks is dumping, blocks is bumping
Can’t snatch a taxi but you can catch BLOCKA-BLOCKA-BLOCKA
My style is absolute truth I AM VODKE PROPA’ LAVA
But I’m generous with thoughts to share
For people who want something for free
Like sex, and software

(Hook Samples JS-1)
“Why you running”
“No doubt”
“Let’s start it like this, son” -> Raekwon
“The saga begins” -> Prodigy of (Mobb Deep)
“No doubt”
“Let’s start it like this, son” -> Raekwon
“The saga begins” -> Prodigy of (Mobb Deep)
“No doubt”
“Let’s start it like this, son” -> Raekwon
“The saga begins” -> Prodigy of (Mobb Deep)
“No doubt”
“Let’s start it like this, son” -> Raekwon

High impacts broke backs and crack tracks
Armor All black, remove the serial from gats
Ran almanacs, destroyed plaques and then sled
Sat in the presences of Lords and broke bread
This is CODE RED, we chop heads off rivals
Jump in ya cipher, just to murder rap idols
Taking their titles and leave ’em for examples
The Almighty herd!!! Come through just to trample
This is a sample of my legend
I spar with the Pharaohs and arm wrestle Reverends
Bad connections, high level is static
Who else you know drop jewels over tablets
Cock back the ratchet, aim it then blast it
The Declaration of War has been drafted
The Blacksmith attack with deadly mathematics
Major drop tracks for die-hard fanatics

[Son One]
As I rise to the occasion
Vibe with the abrasive against the grain, shit
This is amazing, uh, the speaker’s pound
I’m getting even now, Almighty seized the town
All the fans screaming now
There’s no elixir can fix this scripture
I’m just a piece of the puzzle the picture
Submerge in the herbs to put together words
The Son speak to unleash the wrath on you herbs
I’ma mothafucking throwback, rappers get the bozac
Kodak moment, drop gem, nigga hold dat
The Original, Son pivotal, individual sent digital
Transmitting the signal
Mic check, 1, 2, you know how the Son do
I’m hip-hop, Curtis and crush groove
Barbarian beast, beats I bury ’em
Bars go hard, the Shark in the aquarium

[Bronze Nazareth]
Yo, walk like a Pharaoh, limp bodies used for scarecrows
Crackheads creep near my building, shoot ’em like antelope
Guard my field of dreams with shots wider than cantaloupe
Slalom down these cracked out streets, snow and steep slopes
Standing amongst my people, preaching to keep ’em going
Poison wind’s blowing, soldiers from the glove that’s frozen
Sagittarius, half-man, half terrorist
Flaming cross bow, arrows gasoline tips
Trafficking blasts to abdomens that shred your spleen quick
So sick from what you seen, nigga you never dream
Only nightmare and Saw IV scenes in sewer steam
Almighty force, nigga like liquor we pour strength
Throw a corpse from a Porch to the back of a limousine
First 48 hours he’s never seen
Rocking pyramid building secrets like Egyptian Kings
Disappear into the night stream, akin to sun beam
Where cold winds breeze at a 100 degrees
Join the dynasty; recline after homicide on China beach
Signing off like a death row inmate whose number’s reached

[Killah Priest]
Break the Stained Glass windows; a thousand year curse
Web of the widow, spoon you fools, you lay beneath temples
Lay eggs into your open wounds, smoke covers the moon
Sixteen bars that cover the brew; come join the Wu
Eve discovered this food, from the serpent
Black wings is coming in person
Under the ferment, fire brimstone where Wu burning again
Priest the Almighty, spiritual body
Lyrics are godly, G/Ciple house, now clear out the party

[Outro: Killah Priest]

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