Yo, ayo by blood is hazey, smokey gaze
Glazed in ways, dilates cook-up my hybrid
I've witnessed every act of violence
Silence is isolated; I'm in a crowded basement
Sitting and jakes came, vapors raining, carbon faces
Decrypt a human, sit in ruins, two sides are amazing
Flagrant patient, inhaling icy Danish painting
Dealt the 88, I sit inside the pipe and wait for fate to overcome
There's niggas who can't even see the sun
I circulate around it, display scene surround it
By shadows and gallows, my smoke is not a trail to follow
Survival is vital, smoke billows out the rival's window
Swindle vandals, selling handfuls and halos
And rainbows and Grey Goose complement me
Anything to gain those, evict up, cocaine dose, intensely
I stole the moon leaving you on an empty eclipse
Your brain ripped, the cabinet's hole, occupying you soon
Signifying you're dying, a sign you need your dome
I'm the reason you're homeless habit be speaking in codes
I explode outcomes, lungs and atoms are blown
The streets is my home, 'cause I need to be sold

(Documentary Sample)
"For one thing is really sure, is that the ah crack epidemic
grew ah and it expanded and virtually devastated a generation"

[Bronze Nazareth]
The park bench is my bed, breathe the dark stench of lead
In the city air, my sixteenth pair of donated shoes
The blow made me snooze, no dough for daily booze
In God's kitchen soup meals, who feels this dead?
Who real enough to sleep with cardboard over his head?
When it rains I shower, the bottle's always my best friend
A life of lonely travels wherever I lay my hat
Wherever the day be at, I always got darker clouds
Even when its sunlight, my son might be graduating
Ain't seen 'em since '86 since Rick wrestled Alligators
I'm balance with several layers, amongst candles and prayers
The Devil glares in my face in my nightmares
Remember facing M-16's for my nation's army
Now I'm facing the clerk at the Salvation Army
I asked God why I always had walked alone
No answers, so there's no heaven, the streets is my home, nigga

(Documentary Sample)
"There were not in that services
we were literally claiming homeless people off the streets
who have frozen to death, ah and Detroit it was a theme out of depression"

[Sav Killz]
This is why I'm the streets, crack concrete
Misguided fleets broke your home, stars outta reach
I was taught to civilize, teach, dip on the beach
Ganja up plots to get paid in the lease
Moms painted pictures, tainted, many resting in peace
Feeling flagrant, AIDS patient sleeping resting and deceased
Get them tabernacles, blood sucked to pour like a leech
Watch out for them thieves running up on the creep
Mentality is don't give a fuck grim reap
Is a lot going on so it's hard to get sleep
Keep my thoro conversation for them kids trying to peep
Got to move off the radar, won't detect my bleed
Black widows have his hood rats burn like Chilly Peppers
Woody wood pecker, I'm for the cream, watching cheddars
The papers change, hustlers, ballers, players, pursuit
Piffling the L I Q, special brew
Double stew got us fiend out like bottles loot
Those who were chosen choosing themselves, only a few
Minimum wage, kids barely making the grade
Never mind the education, brother go and get paid
Emcees is herd up, wrong battles get murked up
Tsunami strike, tidal waves, niggas its surf up
Sav Killz mothafuckas, don't let me work up
Streets is my home, 85ers get served up

(Movie Sample)
"What am I suppose to do, a fool rolls up and tries to smoke me?
I'm a shoot the mothafucka if he don't kill me first."
"You're doing exact what they want you to do.
You have to think young brother about your future."

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