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Bronze Nazareth Featured on SoulTrain.com

Bronze Nazareth Q&A on SoulTrain.com by Mr. Joe Walker

EXCERPT: Critically-adored as a producer and recording artist, Nazareth is literally a stand-up guy; for this exclusive SoulTrain.com interview the Wisemen member and Wu-Tang affiliate stood the entire time, leaning casually against a plain white wall while never breaking eye contact. “I see the big picture better than I ever have,” says the Grand Rapids, MI native, born Justin Cross. “I’m ready for everything.”

Phillie “Welcome To The Detroit Zoo” Out Now!

Phillie’s solo debut album “Welcome to the Detroit Zoo” is out now! Along with witty rhymes and clever wordplay, the album is also a full serving of Bronze Nazareth production. The emotionally driven soundscapes only enhance Phillie’s rhymes. You can listen to this album two different ways, zone out on the music alone, or sink your mind into the lyrics and travel with Phillie to the destinations he provides.

Phillie’s hunger gives “Welcome To The Detroit Zoo” a refreshingly honest feel and showcases Phillie’s life journey on Detroit’s infamous ‘Number Streets’. The album is a mix of street poetry, lyricism, life lessons, and pure entertainment. Phillie possesses a sense of humor and a refreshing perspective among the dreary backdrop of his hometown of Detroit.

“Welcome To The Detroit Zoo” is available everywhere!
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Official Video for the 1st single “Detroit’s Finest
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